Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bedroom Makeover

The time is finally here for the big reveal!! My room is about 97% done. I've ordered new wooden blinds but because our windows are so humongous they had to be custom ordered. We were extremely lucky because JCPenney was having a 60% off custom window treatments sale AND I had a 15% off coupon (which I got just by filling out a customer service survey from the receipt from my curtains I'd bought a few days earlier) so we got them for 75% off (and boy did we need it! They were ridiculously expensive)! I'll post a picture when those get here. I spent the day putting my pictures back up. I got a new light fixture as well but it doesn't fit. Dad's going to work on it tomorrow.

My room has changed a lot over the years. I grew up with light pink walls and throw up rose carpet. When I was in middle school we painted the walls light purple and used a sponge technique with metallic pink, green, and purple (or was it blue?) over it. Then I begged my parents to let me paint it dark blue. They let me as long as I promised to change the color. When we changed the carpets soon around then I got to choose a silver gray which I really like. Now the room color is ready for resale. Meaning when my parents eventually move in 5-10 years, they most likely won't have to worry about changing it again.

I tried to find pictures of my room through the years but apparently I don't take pictures of it. Anyway, here is the big reveal! The left column is before, the right after! I used to have a whole bunch of posters on my walls but I'd already removed them.

    View One:

 View Two:

 View Three:

View Four:


Well? What do you think? I pretty much did it all by myself and I'm really proud! Although I officially despise painting and now have the urge to make a lot of money in the future just so I can hire professional painters :) I love it!


  1. I like it! Good job! It's much happier.

  2. Thanks! It's amazing that the color change can make such a big difference. I know everyone says the darker color makes it seem smaller but it really does.


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