Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Family Jewels

One of the great things about fashion is that trends move in full circle. Vintage pieces are really in right now and what better way to discover great finds than in your own home (or, for many of you who are lucky to be living on your own ;) - your parents'/aunts'/grandparents' home).

A few weeks ago was my birthday and I had asked my mom for some jewelry. My taste is very specific so we went online and looked at some. My eyes immediately went to the antique-looking cameos and she responded that we had some of our own that we'd gotten from my grandmother! And they really were antiques! I was given free reign over her jewelry boxes to chose any pieces I knew she didn't use anymore. I was in heaven and wanted to share some of my beautiful (and FREE) finds! My apologies for the poor photographs. I don't have a fancy camera.

I love lockets. I'm thinking of starting a collection. Two of these I found in my mother's jewelry box (my favorite is the engraving on the center/right) and one in mine from when I was younger. I've always been a fan of silver and have only recently begun to wear some gold and these will be some of them either singular or all together on a long chain. I also found a plain locket but there was someone's hair inside! Now, I know that used to be romantic but it's pretty gross when you don't know who it belonged to.

I find this piece extremely beautiful, elegant, and enchanting because I have no idea where it came from (except my grandmother) or how old it is. I just love wearing it!

This cameo was actually an old pin with two identical cameo flowers next to it. For my birthday, my mom and I visited a local jeweler. The original pin was way too gaudy so we had him split it in two. I had mine turned into this necklace while my mom kept a pin. Maybe it was a mistake to change antique jewelry but at least it's getting worn now!

This is an old earring of my mom's. She lost the other one so we took off the earring hook and had the jeweler put a bigger hole on it so I could wear it on a chain.

This was exactly what I was looking for and I was so happy to find it! We had the jeweler add another loop and it's my favorite piece!! I'm looking forward to wearing it again and again!

So break into your mother/aunt/grandmother's jewelry box (permission suggested) and find those dusty antiques that are all the rage!

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  1. These are sooo cool. You're lucky that your mom held on to these!


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