Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spooky Tree

Happy October! Fall has officially arrived and the weather is so cool and refreshing. October is my birthday month and also, of course, Halloween. I've never really been into Halloween but I don't mind a few decorations. I usually just skip over it and have some fall decorations and then add stuff for Thanksgiving, which we nearly always have at our house. But every now and again I remember to add a couple little things.

A few posts ago, I mentioned my friend Meg and I made 'Spooky Trees' but I couldn't figure out how to finish mine.

2013 Update: To make these, we just twisted black pipe cleaners into a stem for the trunk and added more for branches until we were happy with the way they looked. We painted blocks of wood that Meg's husband cut for us black and glued some fake moss Meg has lying around on top.

Well, I ended up finding images of a bat, a ghost, and a pumpkin I liked from ClipArt, edited out the stuff I didn't want, resized them, printed them, traced them, and cut them out on a few pieces of construction and glossy paper I had lying around from my scrapbooking. I then poked a hole in them with a pin and needle and made a loop to hang them with black thread. They're not 100% great (I went a little overboard with some red glitter and faces on the pumpkins) but I still think it's cute.

I also added a little gravestone just made from construction paper that says 'Happy Halloween' on it!

Stay tuned for more crafts coming your way! I've been super busy lately with them but I've got a few finishing touches that I'm trying to wrap up before sharing...

2013 update:

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