Monday, October 10, 2011

Vampire Pumpkins!

The next set of pumpkins from Martha Stewart Living were vampire themed! Here is Martha's:

As I mentioned in my Zombie Pumpkin post, I had trouble finding white pumpkins so I decided to use this orange gourd I found at the supermarket. I turned it upside-down for a cute little knobby head.

After using a thumbtack to make an imprint of the mouth (stencil found through above link), I cut it out with the saw.

Next, the vampire fangs had to be fit in. The ones Martha Stewart had were probably bigger as I looked them up on the Party City website and they were $3 each and were for ages 17 and older. Mine were for 3 and up and were only about $.52. Unlike the zombie pumpkins where you need to create a cone or angled hole for the eyes, this needed to be cut into the shape all the way through so you could fit the teeth in.

I didn't have map tacks lying around and wasn't about to go buy them just for this. I did have red thumbtacks but instead I used these wire berries from a pine cone and berry Christmas decoration I had lying around for some wreaths I'll be working on (and hopefully sharing) in the upcoming months.

And here is the finished product! Along with an interested Zeus.

To go with my new vampire pumpkins, I made Martha's accompanying bats. I bought a bag of gourds from the store and used those.

I decided to use dark purple with the white and black on the striped. The templates for the wings can be found on the Martha Stewart Living link. You fold up the last 1/4 inch so you can glue it down.

The magazine said to glue it on with a hot glue gun which I did. However, my wings keep falling off! I'm thinking hot glue just doesn't work well with pumpkin rind. Any suggestions?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post on mummy pumpkins!

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