Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pearl Curtain Ties

What A Knock Out Off!

As you've probably seen from previous posts, I've recently redone my bedroom. After painting and rearranging furniture, the hardest part was coming up with some new window treatments that weren't too expensive. I got new curtains and drapes from JCPenney which was having a huge window treatment sale. The blinds arrived this week but I've been waiting for the man of the house, aka my dad, to have time to put them up. One of the pieces was broken so now we have to wait for it to get remade. My windows are such a weird size that we had to custom order.

While looking for curtains and blinds, I headed over to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. While there, a beautiful curtain tie caught my eye. It was called a crystal pearl tieback. I left it untouched but it stayed on my mind all week so I headed back to BB&B to grab four.

I hadn't thought to check the price tag before but they ended up being $20 each! It was way too much for me after all I've been spending on curtains and custom-made blinds. An idea popped into my head and I rushed next door to Michaels and decided I'd try to make my own. Initially I wanted to get similar beads but I didn't see anything I liked so instead I grabbed some strands of pearls pictured below and some jewelry wire. I'd never done anything like this before but I was definitely excited to give it a try!

I snipped the beads off their strings and divided each kind into four even groups for the four ties I'd need to make so I could tell how many of each bead I would have so I could make an even pattern.

After deciding on a pattern I liked best, I started stringing and here's how it came out!

I looped the wire at the end and tied it around itself to create the hook.

You can check them in action here! I'm really pleased with them and the colors go great with my curtains and new paint. I still can't believe I got to make them myself for about $30 instead of $100. They're definitely a knock off that's a knock out!

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