Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Bauble Wreath

Today is the day to take down all the Thanksgiving/fall/harvest decorations and tomorrow the Christmas decorations are going up! I always decorate right after Thanksgiving is over even though we don't get our Christmas tree for a couple more weeks (around the middle of December). I'm a huge Christmas decorating fan and this year I loved being able to make some of my own. The Christmas boxes may not be up out of the basement yet but this wreath is already hanging by the front door.

I started off with these 'baubles' - fuzzy sparkly pom-poms in silver-white and red, Styrofoam 'bowl filler' balls in red and white, and bells in red and white. I got them all at Hobby Lobby but I know some, or similar things, can be found at Michaels.

Here is the pile of all the baubles. They ended up not being enough and I had to go buy more!

And I just began gluing them on a straw wreath with my hot glue gun wherever my little heart desired. I just tried to make sure there weren't any gaps between them.

It actually took me a long time - probably a couple hours spread out over two nights. But I LOVE the outcome! This was actually intended to be a gift for someone but I loved it so much that I was selfish and kept it for myself. Hey, I can always make another one. In fact, I've already made similar ones which I'll share later. I then added a sheer red ribbon so I could tie it to the door handle.

This is by far the favorite wreath I've made!


  1. Oh my gosh! What a great idea, I love this. I have been thinking about making a Christmas wreath, and this looks fun and fairly easy. Thank you for sharing!

    Found you via link party. :o)

  2. Love this one too!!

  3. Oooh, I love this! So pretty and festive and sparkly too! I'm pinning it! Would you share it here, pleeeeease?

  4. Looks Fabulous!! I love it! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday.


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