Sunday, November 6, 2011

Glitter Mirror

For years, there has been an ugly red plastic mirror sitting in our basement. I decided something had to be done! I came up with a wonderful idea involving a silver glitter background with black glitter roses that had been stenciled on but, unfortunately, that all failed. Come on a little journey with me through all my frustrations that turned this ugly mirror into something pretty although extremely different from what I had originally planned.

So here's what I started off with...some old plastic mirror from the 70s that was serving no purpose whatsoever except as a dust collector.

I put painters tape around the inside so I wouldn't get anything on the mirror itself and then sprayed it with silver glitter blast spray paint I'd found at Michaels. Unfortunately, it was more glitter than spray paint and wasn't giving much coverage. It seemed more designed for just adding a glitter finish. Because here's what it looked like after two coats.

So I headed downstairs to the basement to see if we had anything. Luckily I found a silver metallic paint my mom had bought last year when trying to change the colors of a water feature she'd purchased and then decided was ugly. So I added two coats of that.

Then I added another three coats of the glitter spray to give it more shine. You can't really see it too much in the picture but you could see it up close. Unfortunately, I had picked the mirror up with my fingers to give it that final spray and even though I had waited the recommended drying time between coats, a large part came off with my fingers. So I had to spray it with the silver again and by then, I had run out of the silver glitter spray :(

I thought it could still work so I got out my rose stencil I had bought, put paper all around it, and placed it on the mirror and sprayed it with the starry night glitter blast spray. I think there was something wrong with the can because it kept spraying even after I took my finger out. The glitter came out all runny and looked horrible after I took the stencil off. I didn't take a picture because I was so angry and yelled *BLEEP* THIS! And sprayed it all over with the black glitter spray. It still came out nice and sparkly.

I then added a coat of a protection spray that would prevent the glitter from flaking off over time. Although you can't see the difference, you can feel it texturally. It's much smoother.

I took the painters tape off (I ran a razor around the edge just to make sure the paint wouldn't peel off because it was stuck to the tape) and because it was a cheap version, it left stickyness over the mirror. Luckily it easily came off with Windex. 

And here's the final version now hanging on my bedroom wall! I'm still sad my original plan didn't work out but sometimes you just have to go with the flow no matter how irritated it makes you. Doesn't it look SO much better?

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