Sunday, November 20, 2011

Thankful Turkey

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and we've got nearly the whole family coming over to our house! For the first time in years, we'll have quite a few kids under 10 (as my cousin and her four kids are finally come for the first time since she got married and had babies) and my mom enlisted me to help come up with something they can do. I immediately came up with this idea of a thankful turkey made with stuff we mostly already had (ie cups and construction paper). I came up with it about two weeks ago and have since seen many similar things in the Blogosphere. I had to give it a try myself! You will need...

-construction paper (any color will do but I stuck with mostly brown/orange/red/yellow/green)
-brown paint (I also used an orange undercoating)
-googley eyes
-paper or plastic cups (I think paper without a wax seel would have been best to take the paint but it works too)

These are the cups I used as we had a lot lying around the house.

I wanted the craft to be easy for the kids (as two are under 5) so I decided to paint the cups and cut out all the pieces so all they have to do is glue. It'll make for a lot less mess and it would take too long to wait for the paint to dry. Here the cups are with one coat of (finger) paint. Note: I didn't have enough brown to do all layers in it so I decided to do orange under layers as turkeys are a bit multicolored. The brown cups already have two coats (the one in the front has two brown and the one in the back has one brown, one orange).

Here the cups are with two coats of paint. The front brown on the left as three brown coats and the one right has brown, orange, brown.

Here are all the final pieces ready to be assembled. I tried a couple times to cut out a cute turkey head/body but they looked horrible. Then I saw that Angie at Burton Avenue had come up with a similar idea so I printed her printables of the body, feet, and that red thingy. Then I just cut a triangle for the beak and made a feather shape.

Then I wrote something I was thankful for on all of the feathers.

And here it is! Isn't he cute?

I'm thankful for all the love and support I am given by my friends and my family. Mom and Dad are extra special so they get their own feather. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Today I also made this AMAZING Nutella Banana Bread from Chef in Training. She posts absolutely mouth watering dishes all the time and I want to make all of them. This is the first. It smelled so good baking - just like the nutella and banana crepes I try and get every time I'm near a crepe-mobile (which tends to only happen when I'm in Europe so it's a very rare treat).



So delicious!!

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