Monday, December 19, 2011

Red and White Christmas Wreath

As you may have noticed, I love all things sparkly. This next wreath I made has just enough spark for someone who isn't as obsessed with sparkles as I am but likes a little jazziness.

I started off with a straw wreath that I wrapped in white yarn. And of course that white yarn has a little glitter in it too!

I then took some white sparkling leaves I'd bought and positioned them all around the wreath and attached them with a hot glue gun. Even though the leaves covered most of the wreath, I wrapped it in white yarn so I wouldn't have to worry about straw showing through on the sides.

Here is the wreath completely covered in leaves! Sparkly!

I then added some red 'berries'. I'm not sure what else to call them.

Then I nestled a little birdie in the wreath - we'll call it, for the sake of Christmas, our turtledove. He, of course, sparkles too! I also added some little silver and red poinsettia pins I'd found and hung it with a red ribbon.

Here is a close up!

Stay tuned all this week for even more DIY wreath tutorials! I've got a couple left and I want to post them before Christmas!

See this post for where I'm sharing my wreath this weekend!

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  1. So pretty! The leaves on top of the wrapped yarn are gorgeous, then you stepped it up another notch. Clever!

  2. Thanks for sharing at Bacon Time. Merry Christmas.

  3. Great job!! Thanks for sharing at Shine on Friday!

  4. THis is really great and I love it. THanks for sharing.

  5. This is really sweet.. I can't help but sing the song now! I would love it if you could link it up here..
    Merry Christmas!


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