Saturday, December 10, 2011

Spicing Up Christmas Ornaments Pt. 2

In my first Spicing Up Christmas post I mentioned these guys...We call them our snow angels. This is one I made when I was little with my grandmother (aka she made them). Isn't he cute?

We inherited a whole bunch more from my grandparents a few years ago and well...some were so creepy that we didn't like displaying them. I forgot to take a before picture as I tried to transform them to something similar to the one above but here is a picture of three I can't even fix. Instead of snow angels, they're more like snow demons. Maybe they have sunburn?

The ones I fixed had more human looking skin colors but they still had the same big creepy eyes and obnoxiously bright colors. I seriously don't know what my Pop Pop was thinking when he painted them! You'd almost think I did them when I was 8 or 9 but I swear I didn't! I painted over the eyes with white paint, gave them new eyes colors, and a new pupil via a sharpie marker. Then I brushed them with snow-tex to tone down the colors. Here is how they all looked in the end.

Close up of the singing trio. It sure must snow a lot in the North pole!

All this week I've been working on re-doing some old Christmas ornaments. I'm still waiting on a few to dry so I'll be sharing more later this week/end. I've got a couple others that are finished and ready to share but I took group before pictures so I don't want to spoil any of the other ones! But in the meantime I've got this plain wooden snowflake to share. Pretty boring, right?

To spice it up, I brushed the snowflake with snow-tex and then sprinkled silver glitter on it. This is how it came out!


The picture isn't that great but it looks really good! So much better!! And are you thinking, is that a Christmas tree I spy? Yes, it is! We got it today! It's resting so the branches will drop but I think I'll decorate it tonight.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more spicing up Christmas!

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