Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spicing Up Christmas Ornaments Pt. 3

Here are some more Christmas ornaments I spiced up. I can't believe it but I managed to forget to take a before picture of these! I had a whole bunch of pink ornaments that were splotched with time and color loss. I'd seen a couple blogs and pictures of ornaments covered in lace so that's what I did with the first one. I just took strips of lace and hot glued them on.

It came out all right. I was planning on doing more but when I wasn't feeling it 100%, I decided glitter was needed instead. I meant to trace glitter designs on the ornament in hot pink glitter but the glitter pen exploded and all the glitter came out on the ornament so I went with it and smeared the glitter glue all over the ornament. I ended up really liking my accident! Here is what it looks like. Please note, they look much better in person! It's hard to take ornament pictures I've found.

Since the hot pink glitter glue worked so well, I decided to repeat in light pink, white, and red (respectively).


Then I had just two left. With one I wrapped it in some ribbon and added white glitter glue dots, the second I sprinkled with normal white glitter giving it a pretty frosted look.

Here is my next set of ornaments.


I learned glitter was my friend. I coated the ornaments in mod-podge, then added silver glitter, white glitter, and cellophane glitter and coated them all again in mod-podge to prevent flaking. I really like the one in cellophane! It has a nice texture. The two green ones are my favorite.

I used Windex to clean the last ornament though I didn't know the colors would just come right off. It was almost like they had just been drawn on with a marker! Although that wouldn't surprise me as it seemed pretty home-made.

I really liked the three colors (blue, yellow, and pink) so I tried to recreate it with glitter glue. It didn't exactly turn out the way I wanted especially because you can't see the tinsel inside. But, oh well!

Overall, they look much better than before! And I've still got one more day of ornaments to share! Stay tuned!

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  1. These look super cute. Once year I want to do a total untraditional tree like the last ornament you have,


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