Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Version Of...

A while back, I saw One Artsy Mama's tutorial for Dictionary Page Pendants and fell in love! I knew I wanted to make one for myself as well as some Christmas presents for others. So I got to work and began the illusive search for Mod Podge Dimensional Magic! I couldn't find it at first and thought it was just Modge Podge but I was wrong! Hey, I'm still new to crafting :)

I have to admit, this project was a little harder than I thought it would be! I ended up having to make a couple versions of each one (and about five or six for mine). First I had air bubble problems and when I learned how to get rid of those I had paper transparency issues. It was certainly very frustrating! But worth it when the receivers opened their gifts and exclaimed how cool they were! :)

Here are my supplies - chains in silver and copper and a package including head pins, clasps, and jump rings (as well as parts to make earrings - it was much cheaper to get the package then purchasing it all individually) in silver and copper. I'd never done any type of jewellery making so this was new territory for me. To add some color, I got crystals in pink, clear, and teal.

Here are the different shapes of the pendants. The one on the left is for me and the three others are for three of my girl cousins. This is the first batch that produced many air bubbles.

This, I think, is version number two or three of mine. I added some glitter and for some reason it turned blue. I thought it might have been from the blue/purple glitter glue but it kept happening...

Maybe number four? I actually didn't mind the blue that much - it was a pretty shade but I just wanted it to show up in a pretty way. I have a lot of theories as to what caused it but I couldn't figure it out so I decided to live with it (I think the only way to get rid of it would be to get a new pendant).

Here is the final version of my dictionary page pendant complete with a necklace chain I made myself! The definition I chose was enchant. It was actually pretty difficult to choose a word! I had many in mind but then the definition would be too short or oddly placed. I ended up taking a picture with my camera of the page of some and uploading them and editing them on my computer so they'd have a better fit. As you can see, there's still blue here but it ended up being an decent pattern so I went with it.

This one is the definition for live. I added some red glitter in the corner. This either went to my seventeen year old cousin E or my eighteen year old cousin V - I can't remember.

This has a (computer edited) definition for play (primarily because it was difficult to get the square definition into the circle without cutting anything off). I added purple glitter glue around the edges (kind of ruling out one of my theories that it was what turned the Enchanted Pendant blue). This is the other one that either went to V or E.

Last is laugh. I believe I gave this one to my 14 year old cousin, D.

So there they are. The one thing I wasn't sure about was how to get the pendants to stop turning when you wear them. They initially hang front facing but would easily turn around. Any jewellery makers have any tips for me in the future?

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