Friday, January 6, 2012

Sea Glass Wreath

In my last post I mentioned how much my mom loves sea glass. So I made her those two picture frames and I also made her this sea glass wreath. This wreath went through a lot of transformation to get where it is today. Want to see?

I started off by wrapping my straw wreath in this sheer blue ribbon. We had two rolls of it so I figured I had plenty...

Wrong! Somehow I ran out of it only this far through. I think they must have been previously used. What to do??

I had just a little bit left so I tried to just cover the area that would be most visible. I covered the rest of it with a thick black silky ribbon. To put it nicely, I hated it.

I later ripped off the black ribbon and covered it in sheer white. Still not 100% feeling it but I decided to go with it anyway.

Here is the sea glass I bought online. It was really jagged and hadn't been as naturally smooth as I thought it was going to be so, again, I was disappointed. But there was no going back as I'd purchased two pounds of it.

Here the wreath is covered (I just used my hot glue gun to attach the glass). I was liking the area covered in white but not the part covered in blue. I think it would have worked if the entire wreath was covered in the sheer white ribbon. I almost gave up at that point and was going to give it to my mom for Christmas even though I wasn't happy with it. I figured if she liked it, good, if she didn't, my feelings wouldn't be hurt. But it didn't make me proud to feel that way. I wanted to give her something I felt good about.

I made this in late November/early December. After shoving it in my closet for hiding for a few weeks, I knew I'd had enough. I pulled it out and RIPPED the sea glass off. Just thinking about it makes me go ouch. I ended up wearing some fluffy winter gloves but my fingers were still sore for days. I ended up using now ripped-up wreath for another project that I covered in yarn to hide the disaster and got another wreath frame to start fresh. I began hot gluing my pieces.

Here it is finished! My goodness, it's 500% better, isn't it? It looks so much cleaner and fresher! In reality, the white glass pieces aren't that clear but the flash washed it out. I love the blue colors! And thank goodness, my mom really liked it! I showed her the before picture and I think it was officially worth it to bruise my fingers.

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  1. So beautiful! Wouldn't have thought of putting those on a wreath!

  2. Very pretty and makes me think of summer! Love it!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing!

  3. I really like this one too!!! it looks like candy to me!!! :)

  4. LOVE this!! Really beautiful job. Would love for you to link this to my Craftastic party:)

  5. Thank you! I linked it up last night :) I've got all my link ups on my previous post and forgot to connect to it!

  6. LOVE this!! Hope you can link it up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!


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