Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bathroom Renovation Pt. 1

This time last year, we underwent another home renovation project. I say we but I mean my parents. I was in Scotland at the time and had to wait months before I could see it in person because they didn't start the construction until after I had gone back to school after Christmas break. But even abroad I could see the proof in the pictures - it was amazing and oh so fancy.

Before the walls were taupe (even before that they were wallpaper but my mom and I tackled that a few years ago) and now they're covered in lovely tile that goes up to just about my elbow and has a strip of brown glass tiles running around it. We got a completely new bath tub and toilet. The before picture has the curtain shut so here's what it looked like inside - yuckyuckyuck.

Does that old vanity look familiar? Yes, it's the same type we had in our kitchen. We got a new vanity with granite counter tops, changed the light fixture (you can't see it but think Hollywood make up mirror bulbs), and changed all the fixtures upstairs to brushed nickle. The mirror is the same - we changed that when we removed the wallpaper a few years ago. Ah, I specifically remember the corner bashing me on the head. Fun Painful times. And can you see the old tile in the bottom left corner? Light blue with dirty grout. Eckh.

2011 sure was the year of renovations in our house! We redid the computer room by adding bead board (again by we I mean they - I wasn't home). Of course, no before pictures were taken - just imagine no bead board and dirty walls in need of a fresh coat of paint. Now if only they would change the ceiling tiles to something clean and white.

 (for the correct visualization these pictures should be switched but blogger isn't cooperating)

  Is it obvious this is our 'office' aka 'stuff a bunch of desks and files cabinets in there' room?

Another little project was this baby in the guest room. When my dad built our house, he left a hole in the guest bedroom wall for a built-in dresser. Great idea, right? Well queue twenty-eight years later and it was still just a hole in the wall filled with junk... FINALLY it got done in 2011. But now it still looks like this - unpainted with no drawer knobs in a room that needs to get a fresh coat of paint. Who wants to vote it will be another 20+ years before it's completely finished?? ;)

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  1. Your renovations are looking wonderful! When we moved into our home four years ago, we spent the first two years in reno mode also. Now, it's just the way we want it, but I'm itching to repaint my kitchen :)
    Thanks for sharing and linking up at my *Get Creative* party!

  2. Looking good, thanks for sharing at Bacon Time. I have some projects that have taken longer then desired too, but I have faith it won't take 20 years :)

  3. The tile in the shower made a huge pretty! Thanks for sharing at A Couple of Craft Addicts!

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