Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Secret Garden

So our garden isn't a secret but perhaps the fact that we absolutely suck at gardening is. We keep trying and trying to have a garden but every year we are defeated by the likes of groundhogs, deer, squirrels, and the occasional (squash) fungus. It's not fair! We decided that this year would be our last attempt at gardening (if we fail, we shall not try again). In our attempts to combat the creatures, we built a fence. It's about four feet high and the wire goes underground a little bit to deter the groundhogs from digging under it. We were told by our neighbors that the deer jumped their five foot tall fence so...uh oh. Maybe ours is too small? I think we'll drape some netting over top.

PLEASE NOTE: I take no responsibility for the shed behind the garden. It is not ours. We used to have vines that covered the whole back of our yard, pretty much blocking out the neighbors but they had to be cut down and now we have this lovely view.

The best garden fence I know of was my grandmothers. I could only find one (bad) picture of it. It's behind me in the swing...yes, that is a shower cap on my head. Who knows what was going through my mind? Her fence went over your head and completely covered the garden. She didn't have a single critter problem and had a wonderful garden. I miss you Nanny!

I think our biggest threat will continue to be the groundhogs. We used to never have a groundhog problem but now we've got one under that ugly shed, one under my dad's workshop, and at least one more under the front porch. We used to have dogs who ugh...'played' with the groundhogs and they wouldn't come back anymore (um because they were dead) but with our dogs in puppy heaven now, the groundhogs have regained control.

Last week we planted peas, green beans, carrots, squash, cucumbers, lettuce, and spinach. Hopefully we will have much more success than in years past. Our soil isn't that great (last year our carrots didn't get longer than about an inch and were so skinny and pathetic). But it's only been a week since planting and already the peas have sprouted!

We also have a tiny section outside the main garden from a few years ago where we planted some asparagus. This is what we have so far but I have a feeling that we'll never be able to harvest it. This section also has some mint.

We've also got some pots we're going to plant with these tomatoes.

The one thing I'm super excited about are my new strawberry pots!! I eat strawberries every day and thought it would be a good idea to try and grow my own since I buy about two little boxes of strawberries from the store every week when they're in season. We had planned on making and planting it all ourselves until we saw this at Home Depot already made. It cost $20 each so it worked out that it would have been cheaper than doing it ourselves.

And look! There's already a flower growing!

Anyone have any good gardening tips? I don't think he'll be much help keeping the bugs or critters away...

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