Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rock Garden Signs (Copycat Edition)

It's been about a month since we planted our garden and our vegetables are growing wonderfully! So far, the fence has been working well and our plants have remained unperturbed. I just hope they stay that way! A few weeks ago, I had seen these super cute garden rock signs by Repeat Crafter Me in a link up and had to copy them. Mine are NOWHERE near as cute as hers but they do their job! We can never remember where we planted things until they start growing and are identifiable. I did mine with acrylic paint (and even red nail polish for the tomato since I didn't have any red!) and sprayed them with polyurethane so they wouldn't run in the rain.

This squash one is my favorite.

I made a split one for spinach (left) and lettuce (right) since I didn't have enough good sized rocks. Sorry the picture isn't that great.

I'm really excited for some cucumbers! Although they're still a while away.

I think the carrot sign turned out rather nice, don't you?

Okay, so I couldn't figure out how to draw green beans.

Look how tall the peas are already!

Lastly we have the tomato, complete with nail polish red.

I'm happy summer is almost here. I'm usually not that into summer for some reason but this year I am. We've got the fountains, like this one below, turned on for a nice little water effect. I wish I had been doing my blog when we bought this fountain a few years ago. It was really ugly! You should have seen the amazing transformation my mom did with just a little bit of spray paint (okay, a lot of spray paint).

And the thing I'm most excited about - my strawberries! We've got berries already! This one is the biggest and it's already turning red! Soon I will be able to eat it :) NOM

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