Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday's Secret Garden

The garden is coming along nicely. We've got bushy carrots...

If they look as good on the bottom as they do on top, we're all set. As long as we get carrots that are bigger than a pencil in thickness, I'll be happy.

The squash is blooming and sprouting baby squashes...

The bad news is there is some bug that has been burrowing inside the squash and eating it all, leaving a hollow shell. Hopefully they won't get them all! Last time we did squash, we got a fungus on the leaves. All I want is a squash!! And a cucumber...They were doing fine until yesterday. One randomly died. RIP cucumber plant. Good thing I planted a few extras a couple weeks ago.

We picked our first beans of the season yesterday!

As well as a couple peas!

Now if only we could have enough in one picking to feed more than a small child.

The tomatoes are growing but it's still a while before they'll turn red.

But I've got some bad garden news...Remember this strawberry from my last post?

Well it turned red. So I ate it. It was disgusting. I was so disappointed! It was sour and horrible so I did some internet research. We're going to transplant them into the garden as soon as the lettuce is finished being picked so the plants can have access to better soil. Maybe next year?? :(

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