Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Feather Necklace - Lazy Edition

I've been wanting a feather necklace for months. I've got a cute little owl necklace with a body made up of spotted feathers but I just wanted a feather one. Every time I saw one in the store, it had too much other stuff on it like a dozen charms or humongous geodes that would make your neck break.

A couple months ago, my parents went to Mexico. My mom brought me back two necklaces to choose from. I chose this. It could be a leaf but for the purpose of this, I've decided it's a feather.

I liked wearing it on a long chain but it was too lonely. I decided it needed some real feathers to keep it company.

Now, okay. I swear I was all prepared to make my own feather charm. I had a list and everything. Silver plated copper wire, jump rings, clamps, the whole she-bang. But then I got to Michaels and looked at the rows and rows of jewelry fixings. My thoughts went something like this...
Um, what size wire? Where is that thing I saw on a blog tutorial? Oh gosh, I'm so confused! So much silver or wait no, that's nickel. Is it okay if I get nickel plated copper wire? She said silver! WAHHH I GIVE UP.

But then I turned the corner and saw these. Quickly I grabbed them, hoping no one would see and know that I was taking the lazy way out.

I attached each feather to a jump ring and then slipped those jump rings onto another jump ring that I attached to my feather-leaf charm.

Confused? Well, here's a confusing picture of the back. I tried using the jump rings in a couple different ways and the feathers got all facactaed (definition: messed up) when I just slipped them onto the chain.

 They really spice up my little charm. Here's a 'I'm wearing it but don't look at my face' shot.

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