Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

So, yeah, I was on vacation. Sorry I didn't tell you! I just didn't want the creepos to know. We had a nice, relaxing time - 10 days in North Carolina. My parents are starting their 'hmmm, where should we retire? Here?' trips. They get these ideas in their heads that certain areas would be nice to live in and then they realize they should actually go there. The first place on the list was Wilmington, NC and I got to tag along. Who can say no to a relaxing vacation with a week and a half off from the job-hunting stress. Here are some of my favorite pictures/memories from the trip...

All the Spanish moss hanging everywhere

Seeing a real alligator (as in not in a zoo) for the first time

The albino alligator at the aquarium

Finding little baby Venus flytraps

Those sneaky pelicans

Sunset river cruises

Seeing a 400+ year old live oak

Walking around Airlie Gardens (despite the record breaking heat)

My favorite spot at Airlie Gardens

The mass of egrets in this tree (again at Airlie Gardens - it was so pretty!)

Touring the USS Battleship North Carolina

All in all, I feel very relaxed (and sunburned since we went to the beach too. Meh, I'm already peeling) 

We were actually extremely lucky with our timing. That horrible storm that barreled through America two weeks ago? That was just a couple days after we left and it hit the surrounding Washington, DC area really bad. I went on Facebook one morning and saw all the posts about power out and trees down and 70 MPH winds. Not to mention a horrible heat wave then hit and people were without AC in 100+ degree weather. NOT FUN. I'm sorry for all of you who went through that. I only had to deal with the heat when we walked outside to go shopping or go to the beach or get some ice cream. Oh, sorry. Right.

We got in touch with our neighbors and found out we luckily had no damage and had only lost power for a couple hours so there was no need to worry about my poor kitty being trapped with no cool air. Coming home, we definitely saw the damage and we just had one big branch in the back yard. And somehow, our garden survived. Seriously, it's thriving. I can't believe it! Oh, don't worry. You just wait. I'll show you...

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