Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crabbies and Patties

Today I got to cross a couple more recipes off my list. They were all courtesy of the amazing blog, Chef in Training. We had some people over for some good ol' Maryland crabs (and hamburgers for those who didn't eat crabs). I always like to contribute something to a party my parents throw so I checked into my Recipes folder in my browser favorites.

First I made this Greek Pasta Salad. So simple and yummy!

The only difference between mine and the recipe was that we couldn't find Kalamata Olives so I used canned black. I used pretty much the whole can which was about 1 cup and I quartered them.

Because we had people over, I got to make a dessert! I decided on this eclair cake via High Heels and Grills, my newest blog to follow. She originally got the recipe from Nikki from Chef In Training who, it turns out, is her sister in law (psst, Sarah, I liked your instructions better)! Small blog world!

The only difference in my recipe was that when I gave my shopping list to my mom, I asked for a 12oz package of cool whip but she just wrote down cool whip. Those tubs are 8oz. Luckily I had a half used fat free one in the fridge so I combined them.

Mine was no where near as pretty as hers. I didn't layer the graham crackers all perfect.

I used too small of a dish so I had a whole bunch of pudding-cool whip mixture left over. I had to peel off the top layer of graham crackers and scoop out some of the filling.

Here is my chocolate frosting. It was liquidy just like she said!

And, of course, because my 'cake' was so full and my dish too small, the frosting leaked over the sides. So I saved the extra frosting.

My presentation skills may be lacking but with some fresh strawberries added on top and that extra chocolate drizzled over it, this was amazing. Rave reviews! I'm already looking forward to my left overs tomorrow evening!

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