Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project Post: Week 1

I feel like if you're into crafting, there's a good chance you're into Project Runway. I love hearing what people think of the designers and their outfits so I've decided to do a new little series called Project Post. I love seeing what other bloggers think when they do Project Runway posts so I hope you're in a bit of the same mind as me.

I know it's already the third episode (it's about to air in a half hour as I'm writing this) but better late than never. Each episode, I'm going to rank the designer's outfits from least favorite to favorite based on my personal opinions. I'd love to hear your opinion on their pieces! I hope you don't mind while I do a little catch up.

Apologies for the picture-laden post!

Please note there are spoilers ahead if you haven't seen Project Runway Season 10, Episode 1!

1. Christopher (selected winner)

 I love the texture he added to his dresses!

2. Dmitry

That sequin dress is just amazing!

3. Gunnar

I love that he wants to dress old southern ladies. May I say, they'd look fabulous!

4. Elena

She has a really distinct style. I wouldn't wear any of her pieces but I love the idea behind them.

5. Melissa

She also has a really distinct style but I look forward to seeing whether she can do more than just black.

 6. Ven

 The rose shirt was just amazing but I didn't like how the pink dress fit on that model (especially in the chest region) so it dropped him down a couple slots for me.

 7. Alicia

I don't think I'd wear most of her pieces but they're really interesting (although I could do without the drop-crotch).
The next couple of designers were pretty inter-changable for me.

8. Nathan

I just really loved the backs on both of his dresses.

9. Raul

I love the first look - the second, not so much.

10. Sonjia

Love the jacket on the first look and the idea of the skirt/pants/tights is interesting. Also, the peak of yellow on the second.

11. Lantie

I thought her first dress was really pretty but the second was just sloppy.

12. Andrea

 Definitely not a fan of her style but these weren't too bad.

13. Beatrice (OUT THIS WEEK)

Her pieces weren't HORRIBLE, they were just boring so I can understand why she was kicked out.
14. Buffi

Not a fan of her style.

 15. Fabio



16. Kooan

I suppose I just don't 'get' him.

What did you think of this week's styles? I'll be catching up with episode 2 and tonight's episode the rest of the week!

All pictures are from the Project Runway website on Lifetime.

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