Friday, August 3, 2012

Project Post: Week 2

OMG how amazing was last week's challenge? I think the unconventional one is my favorite (after couture). I love that they do it in the beginning and that there's one every season. This challenge really lets the creativity of the designer shine through.


Season 10's unconventional challenge was CANDY. Wow! How hard must that have been to work with? 1) You have to try not to eat it and then be out of supplies and 2) It can melt/dissolve! Most of the unconventional challenges have been at places where you can easily find fabric-like materials. Not this one though (well, for the most part...)!

Here are my rankings.

1. Ven (episode winner)

I'm really loving what he did with the rock candy. The colors he chose go really well together.

2. Christopher


A very cute dress that could easily be translated into something made of fabric.

3. Dmitry


His candy looks just like beads.

4. Nathan

I thought this dress was pretty awesome. Although it must have been super heavy. Too bad she had to hold it up!

5. Sonjia

I love the top of this with the shark gummies. I wish she had continued the top half through the bottom. I don't like the weird flap thing.

6. Fabio & Raul (TIED)

I really like the top halves on both of these dresses. The bottoms, not so much.

8. Elena

I didn't hate this as much as the judges did. I liked the color but felt so bad for her because the candy kept falling off.

9. Gunnar*

He did a really good job with the checkered pattern but I hated the stiffness of that thing in the middle.

10. Buffi

The judges didn't like her dress either but I really liked the woven top.

11. Melissa

The top is a little biker skanky to me but the skirt is really cool.

12. Andrea

Ugh, that back just ruined everything.

13. Alicia

It was a little too Flintstones-esque to me.

 14. Kooan

Again, I just don't understand his design athestic. Is it just me? I liked it when they showed him working on it and it had a Native American vibe but then it just went crazy.

15. Lantie (OUT)

You get no sympathies from me when you make a dress 90% out of the fabric from the umbrellas in the store. Nope, nope, nope. Goodbye!

*On a side note, I just wanted to give a shout out to Gunnar. So far, I've been liking his designs (although his attitude is a little much...okay, A LOT much). But I've got a bit of a soft spot for him. If you check out his portfolio, you'll notice this girl in the green scarf (standing in the photo below) quite a bit. Her name is Lexie Stevens. She's my cousin's husband's sister.

I've never met her (unless it was at their wedding 10 years ago and we were both way younger) but I'm wishing her the best of luck with her modeling career and congratulating her on her big break! Perhaps if Gunnar goes far, she will too! :) She's living her dream so GO HER! I hope to be able to live mine one day too...

All pictures are from the Project Runway website on Lifetime.

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