Sunday, August 5, 2012

Project Post: Week 3

Potential spoilers below if you haven't seen Project Runway Season 10 Episode 3!

For week 3, we had our first team challenge. The designers got paired into teams and had to design a dress for a past Project Runway participant that they could wear to the Emmy's. There was one PR winner (Irina Shebayeva [season 6]) and a couple PR favorites (Laura Bennett [season 3], Kenley Collins [season 5], Mila Hermanovski [season 7], Valerie Mayen [season 8], and April Johnston [season 8]).

I'm 50/50 on the team challenges. I think I like it a little better when each person has to design an outfit but they all have to go together like a collection. Of course, I love the drama that goes down with them but I feel bad when a team that does poorly but has equal input and someone is sent home. Like this episode. Alicia and Raul's dress might have been much worse than Andrea and Christopher's dress but Alicia and Raul were all about being a team and they both contributed 50%. How can the judges decide who to kick off when no one throws their team mate under the bus? But anyone else have a feeling Raul might be back since Andrea seems to have gone MIA? Really looking forward to seeing next week's episode and find out why people were actually volunteering to go home!

Okay, now onto the dress rankings...My thoughts were pretty aligned with the judges this week.

1.  Ven and Fabio (winning dress - Ven named winning designer)

This dress was so cute and it was SO Kenley! Ven did a great job. Poor Fabio though, the dress was all Ven. He was pretty much just there.

2. Elena and Buffi

I chose this dress as my number 2 instead of the one below (which is what the judge's chose) because Laura seemed so happy with her dress. I really liked it and, despite their drama, Elena and Buffi worked well together.

3. Gunnar and Kooan

I loved the necklace. It really looks like part of the dress. Gunnar did a great job with this! Especially having a difficult client like Irina (hello, she threw THEM under the bus! Maybe she didn't want to have to go to the Emmy's with one of them). Notice I said Gunnar did a great job? We all know Kooan had nothing to do with this dress.

4. Sonjia and Nathan

Loved the fabric. Not much else though.

5. Melissa and Dmitry

Usually not a huge fan of the reversed dresses. This is NOT an exception.

6. Andrea and Christopher


7. Raul and Alicia (Losing dress, Raul is out)

This dress was just really poorly made, boring, and completely not flattering. I understand why it was the bottom dress but like I said above, I wouldn't have been able to decide whether Alicia or Raul should have gone home.

Overall, nothing completely wowed me this episode which made me sad since it was an evening dress challenge. How did you feel?

 All pictures are from the Project Runway website at Lifetime.

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