Sunday, August 12, 2012

Project Post: Week 4


Wow. People really were dropping like flies this episode! First Andrea disappeared in the middle of the night and second Kooan decided he was leaving too! In the commercials they made it seem like a couple of other people were like WAAAHHH NOW I WANT TO LEAVE!! but that wasn't the case. So, they brought back Raul. I wondered for a second if they were going to bring back two people but I'm glad they didn't. I'm sure if Kooan had decided later in the season to leave, someone else would have been brought back but they kept it to just Raul...although maybe they shouldn't have...

The challenge this week was inspired by Michael Kors and how he always designs for a woman on the go. The designers had to make a piece that could translate for a woman going from day to night and should keep in mind that she would have to wear it all day so it should be comfortable (and wrinkle free!). Here were my thoughts:

1. Dmitry


I just loved his dress and the draping he did. It looked amazing! I could see it made in a whole bunch of different colors and materials and being worn by women everywhere. And did it really only have one seam? Wow.

2. Christopher

I just loved the little jacket he made and the blue shoes.

3. Sonjia (judges' winning pick)

This was a very nice dress but there was this extra fabric right below her chestal area that really was bothering me and I knew if I tried it on, I wouldn't buy it because of that (not that I could pull off a dress like that anyway)

4. Gunnar

Loved the top especially!

5. Ven

As usual, a very beautiful, stylish, classy, and expertly made piece. But I'm just wanting to see something a little different from him. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to wear his dresses but you wouldn't want to buy them all because they're so similar.

6. Nathan

He keeps making the middle but he's got some consistently good pieces!

7. Alicia

She makes her pieces very well but like I've said before, not my style and I wouldn't wear them but she does do masculine pieces for women very well. The model looks pretty fierce, especially with those shoes.

8.  Elena

The jacket makes the model look fat. She could do the futuristic/sci-fi look really week but she doesn't seem to be succeeding. Her pieces are just going down for me.

9. Melissa

 I don't see how many women on the go could wear an outfit like this to work. I'm kind of over those designers that seem to come on every season and only work in black. She's just like April.

10. Fabio

The jacket was too short and the dress was too short but I liked the print. The judges said he should incorporate more of his personal style into his looks...not sure how I feel about that.

11. Buffi (OUT)

I didn't like this look but I didn't like Raul's look more (below) and so I'd rather have Buffi stay another week.

12. Raul

I felt bad for Raul last week because he got eliminated on a group challenge but this piece was just so awful. He deserved to go for something like this. He really didn't take advantage of being back.

So, any thoughts on this week? Did anyone completely disagree with my thoughts?

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