Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project Post: Week 6


Do not read below if you haven't watched Project Runway Season 10, Episode 6!

I must say that I loved this episode! I was much more into it than I was last week's. The challenge was really intriguing - it was the Loreal Hair challenge and they picked real women who had been nominated by their friends for makeovers and the designers had to make them an outfit. To me, a real designer is someone who can make an outfit for a stick-thin model, a curvy woman, and a plus size woman. That is the real talent. I was absolutely disgusted with Ven this challenge. Any tiny amount of respect I might have had for him as a designer is now gone. All he did was complain and whine about how he had a 'plus size' woman which wasn't fair because some of the other designers had skinny girls. All throughout the episode, he kept making rude remarks to her about how all the accessories were too small and she was too big and ugh he was just so rude. His outfit was not cute anyway but his remarks automatically plummeted him to the bottom on my list. Let's see how the other designers did!

1. Fabio (judges pick for winner)


Fabio did a great job! This girl looked super cute and it seemed to really match her style. Loved her makeover!

2. Gunnar

I think her attitude says it all. She feels sexy. Did you see her strutting down the runway? That's what really matters - making the client feel amazing.

3. Dmitry

This plain jane got transformed into a super cutie! She looks great.

4. Christopher

I could easily have intermixed Christopher and Dmitry but I think the transformation of Dmitry's model made him stand out more for me. Love the dress and the color/fabric!

5. Elena

How much did this girl love her makeover? Despite Elena yelling at everyone in the last couple of episodes, she rose up again for me. I really admired her disgust at Ven's attitude and her ability to work well with her client who was absolutely in love with her outfit. You could just see it in the way she walked.

6. Alicia

I was really impressed with Alicia this episode! She really made a cute little dress (even though I did feel like she compromised her style). I never thought she could make something like this. I was worried the whole episode because it looked bad every time they showed it but she ended up doing a really good job!

7. Melissa

You couldn't even see the dress she made so I felt bad for her but that fabric looks cheap and it probably doesn't even look that great underneath that giant wrap.

8. Nathan (OUT!)

 I was so bummed that Nathan got out this week! I didn't think his dress was terrible and his client was really happy with it. It's exactly what she asked for! I really felt like he had some potential and some really nice looks but always got out-shined. Poor Nathan! Bye :(

9. Sonjia

 Sonjia is a petite girl so I'm surprised she couldn't design for her client. The proportions were horrible - the dress was too short and that knot (while a good idea) was in the wrong place. But still, the model looked better in that than her frumpy before clothes.

10. Ven

The skirt was fine but that shirt was just a cop out. In his mind, he couldn't wrap his head around the idea that a girl who wasn't a size 0 could wear anything cute. The fabric and the drape of that top are just ugly. And like I mentioned in the beginning, his attitude was despicable. Heidi made it seem like they might get rid of two people and I really was hoping Ven would go but it always works out that if you do well in most of the other episodes, there's no way you're going home. Boo. Her hair looks cute though.

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