Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sally Has A Sea Shell Wreath

I've found it really difficult to decorate in late summer - anyone else? You can hang on to spring until June (okay, maybe that was just me) and then you can decorate for fourth of July. But what about after that? I'm not all for a flip flop/sunglasses wreath (although I'm sure if you've made one, it looks amazing!). I left my 4th of July decorations up for about a week too long as I was trying to figure out what I could make and put up there. As I was walking downstairs, I saw it. The seashell wreath. Ohmagerd! We already had something I could use! No money to be spent!

This has been in our house for years. Really, I had to dust it before hanging it up. It's been sitting in a corner in the living room. It even has a broken starfish. Yeah, I think I dropped it a few years ago. We'll call it character.

It makes me happy to know that I could make this now if I wanted to. A year ago, it never would have crossed my mind. It's just a bunch of shells hot glued to a straw wreath. SO EASY. I wonder how much we paid for it...

With my new beach-shell theme in mind, I scoured the house looking for things to go with it. Good thing my mom is obsessed with shells. She's that lady scouring the beach for them. Now it was my turn. I scoured the house and came up with an armful. Here are the ones I selected.

Look at that awesome conch. I used to try and blow it but it never made any noise. I also added a candle, a little seagull, a woven mat, and a (palm leaf?) rose we got in Hawaii.

Perfect for late summer. Let's go back to the beach.

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