Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Shower: The Craft

I've got one more baby shower post for ya'll. Meg didn't want a super traditional shower filled with games and the like but I wanted to do something special that would also help fill the time. I decided to let the guests paint their own onesies. I bought a couple packs from Babies R Us in different sizes (0-3 month, 3-6 month, 6-9 month) and different styles like long sleeve (since she's due in October) and short sleeve. I was worried the guests wouldn't want to make any but boy girl, did they get into them! I ended up buying around 15 onesies. We ended up having a nice small group of around 5 and everyone made multiple ones! Everyone seemed to really enjoy it! We used fabric paint and stencils I mostly already had on hand. Here are some things to note:
-If you're going to do this, remember the fabric paint takes a couple hours to dry so mommy-to-be can't take them right away!
-You'll want to pre-wash the onesies
-Place something like cardboard in between so the paint doesn't bleed onto the other side of the onesie. I bought this glitter fabric paint and you needed to apply it heavily but it did stick to the cardboard.

Here's what the super creative attendees came up with!

These three were made by mommy-to-be, Meg.

These were made by Meg's neighbor. The last one says 'baby' in Japanese.

These were made by some of her church friends.

These are by a church friend (left) and a work friend (right). I believe the Spanish, if all my years studying it in middle and high school haven't failed me, says today is beautiful!


Here is the front of two onesies from her church friends...

 And their cute booty designs.

There are two that I made for her. The 'filled with love' is written on the back. Which will NOT be filled with love therefore making it super clever, if you ask me ;)

I had a lot of fun hosting the baby shower and I hope Meg enjoyed it! I'm so excited for her to become a mommy in just over a month!


  1. Thanks for these! Takea is going to do them at her shower. Oh yeah she's pregnant!

    1. Yay! Tell her I said congratulations! I hope Lorelei got to wear some before she got too big!


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