Monday, September 10, 2012

New Look

I'm a very ummm... antsy person. I like change. I get bored easily. For example, this week I got bored of my hair and decided to cut it off.

Here is the before...

And here is the after...

What do you think? I love having long hair but my hair is just not meant to be very long. It took me a couple years to get it to that length and it just ends up getting dry. So it was time for a change.

Another thing I decided it was time to change? My blog header. I haven't had my old one all that long but I've been thinking about it a bit and decided it was just too much. I wanted something simple and cleaner so I goofed around on Paint and PicMonkey and came up with something fresh and clean (how many of you just echoed "so fresh and so clean clean"?). I'm currently working on a couple other things so I hope you'll take the time, if you're looking at this in a reader, to view the actual blog and let me know what you think! I'll miss my Craft A Spell girl that I made but I might see if I can keep her on the buttons. We'll see!

PS - I've been trying to make up for my not so great camera with some photo editing courtesy of the wonderful PicMonkey. I'm going to try and stick with it, even if it takes me a couple extra minutes! I'm asking for a new camera for Christmas...or even just a donation for a new camera for Christmas since they're so expensive. And I might even get around to making myself a photo box one day if I'm bored (I probably will because as I said above, I'm bored easily).


  1. Well Diana I really like you new look! I think it was a wise decision to have them cut.

  2. It makes you look so thin when you cut your hair! I love long hair too but I have the same problem!


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