Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Post: Week 10


Don't read below if you haven't seen
Project Runway Season 10 Episode 10

Wow, this was a great challenge! The designers were taken to Radio City Music Hall and were asked to design a new, modern costume for the Rockettes. The winner would get their outfit produced and it would be worn in an upcoming show. I loved it! I've been to see the Rockettes before and they're just great - so classic NYC. The one downside to the episode, from a designer perspective, is that I always find these kind of challenges to be really sucky for the person who gets voted off because they're not designing something they would normally design and don't get much of a chance to show their personal design style. But it was still great! There were two super stand out designers for me this episode - Christopher and Dmitry (from the first couple episodes I would have chosen them as two of the final three). Here's why...

1. Christopher (judges' pick to win)

Wow. Christopher did an AMAZING job! The moment I saw his sketch, I knew it was going to be an amazing outfit. The New York city skyline was just an amazing choice for such an iconic piece of New York like the Rockettes. Although, his skirt wasn't my favorite, the skyline had me from the beginning. I mean, he even put it on the back!

2. Dmitry

I was really close with Christopher and Dmitry. I loved Dmitry's color and his skirt and he had a great design. Compared to these two, everyone else was just meh.

3. Fabio

It definitely had a bit of a gladiator essence. I liked it, even if I couldn't really see the Rockettes wearing it. And he needs to stop with his ridiculous hair styling.

4. Elena, Melissa, Sonjia (tie)

 These three were interchangeable to me. Elena's was very shiny but I thought she did good going out of her comfort zone. I liked Sonjia's color palette even if the purple wouldn't have worked. I liked the idea of Melissa's (especially the cute hate) but she should have paid more attention to her color blocking so she didn't have a giant 1.

7. Ven (out)

Ven picked a great color and shimmer of fabric. But he let it speak for itself too much and had such a boring outfit. Sorry to see you go when you were just becoming mildly likeable, Ven.

What did you think of this challenge? Who will be out next?

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