Monday, September 3, 2012

Project Post: Week 7

Spoiler Alert!
Don't read below if you haven't watched Project Runway Season 10, Episode 7!

What did you guys think of last Thursday's challenge? The designers had to make their own dress for a Lord and Taylor Project Runway collection. It would be comprised of ten dresses - one from a designer from each season of Project Runway and the winner of the challenge got their dress in the collection to represent Season 10. They were given a limited number of fabrics to choose from and had to keep in mind production cost. I thought this was a really interesting challenge and while I thought most of the designers did a really nice job, my tops and bottoms were really different from what the judges chose. Here's what I had:

1. Dmitry

Oh my gosh, his dress looked great! I loved the fabric! Just enough shimmer and nice and simple that it could easily go from day to evening. When the judges said his name, I thought for sure he was in the top to win but he was just safe! WHAT?

2. Christopher (Judges' pick for win)

This was a very pretty dress and looked amazing on the model. For me, it wasn't a winner because I, personally, wouldn't wear it. And while I really like Christopher's shredding technique, I agreed when the judges said it was great but it needed to be the last time he used it.

3. Melissa

Cut off the tail and it would be perfect! Very fierce! I like how she did the top.

4. Gunnar

I thought this was really cute! I was really disappointed when the judges put him in the bottom because they felt like they'd seen it before even though they thought it was great. I haven't seen one before and really liked it!

5. Ven

I'm trying not to let my personal opinion of the designer influence my view of their dresses. So even though he's a jerk, he still made a nice dress. Although it looks just like all his others with that flowery folding technique.

6. Fabio

I liked the asymmetrical bottom but otherwise it was kind of boring.

7. Sonjia

Poor Sonjia had quite a few meltdowns on this episode. Despite a few finishing problems, I thought she did a cute job.

8. Elena

I like Elena but this dress just didn't cut it for me at all! I can't believe the judges had it in their top picks!

9. Alicia

 Surprisingly, no one was sent home this week (I about died when I thought Gunnar was going home for that cute dress!). If anyone had to go home, I would have picked Alicia. I didn't like the material she chose and the dress just wasn't cute at all.

Who would you have sent home?

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  1. We are definitely on the same page when it comes to choosing a winner for this challenge. My jaw just about hit the floor when Dmitry wasn’t even in the top three! His dresses are always the strongest. In fact, I have a bet going with a few ladies from my office at Dish, and my money is on him to be the overall winner! These judges are just so unpredictable, but it has made for a really suspenseful season so far. I can’t wait for the new episode! I wish it didn’t air tonight though, since I’m also dying to watch the DNC and VMA’s. At least my Hopper DVR is able to record up to six things at once, or I’d have some hefty decisions to make! Who do you think will be out next?!

    1. Me too! I'd have to say him or Christopher. I think the next person out will be either Alicia or Elena


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