Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Post: Week 8

Spoiler Alert! 

Don't read below if you haven't seen
Project Runway Season 10 Episode 8

Wow isn't this season just full of group challenges? But I loved the beginning of this one. The designers had no fabric budget. They had to go and raise their own money on the streets of New York! It reminded me of the Project Runway All Stars episode where the designers asked people for the clothes off their backs to use as fabric. Very difficult! But you'd have a $5 donation from me if you said you were from Project Runway!

The designers were in groups of three and drama was kept to a super minimum surprisingly (despite the combinations)! I decided to group them by favorite teams and then pick my favorite looks within those teams (there were only two outfits each). Last week, I didn't agree with the judges at all but I was right in line with them again this week.

1. Team Christopher, Gunnar, and Sonjia (judges' winning team)

A. Sonjia did a great job with that jacket! She had the winning look from the judges and me.

B. I loved Gunnar's dresses and the combination of fabrics and textures.

2. Team Alicia, Dmitry, Elena 

A. Another great dress from Dmitry! But I would like to see something else from him. That shawl though...looks kind of like a blanket

B. Alicia (OUT) and Elena

 I like the idea of Elena's aesthetic but she's just not doing a good job showing it! I had a feeling Alicia was going to be out. 

3. Team Fabio, Melissa, and Ven

A. I don't remember who made which pieces but even though they were very simple, I liked them.

B. But you certainly can't tell they raised the most money for fabric! I liked the colors though.

Even though I had Team Alicia, Dmitry, and Elena above Team Fabio, Melissa, and Ven, I agreed with the judges and thought it was time Alicia went home.

From now on, the designers no longer have immunity! Anyone can be out!

All photos are from the Project Runway website at Lifetime.

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