Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project Post: Week 9


Don't read below if you haven't seen 
Project Runway Season 10, Episode 9

I'm going to get right in it. This episode is one of my favorites (along with anything couture or unconventional). It's only been happening the last couple years (since Mondo rocked it). The designers had to design their own fabric. For this season, they were to be inspired by their cultural roots and they all had family members come in. I've decided to rate my favorites by taking into account their fabric design as well.

1. Dmitry (judges' winning pick)

Wow. He rocked it. ROCKED IT. That jacket was beyond amazing. And I love his cultural inspiration for his fabric.

2. Melissa

It's funny - I think Melissa has a very particular style in her designs. I only like her work when she doesn't do that style. I really liked her fabric, which was inspired by the lines of a family tree if I remember correctly...or veins like a blood line. Meh, maybe it was both.

3. Gunnar (out)

I thought Gunnar's jacket was super cute. I'm definitely into the whole equestrian/hunting vibe going on right now. I just can't believe he got kicked off. But I've been expecting it. My cousin posted a picture with him about a month ago when he did her hair so I thought he might be out even though I had no idea what their recording schedule was like. They could have filmed PR months ago. 

Gunnar's fabric could look dark or positive depending on how you look at it which I liked.

4. Elena

Wow, Elena finally made something that looked like it fit well! Applause! Her fabric design is a little messy though. I think she said it was like churches.

5. Sonjia

Girl made a nice pair of pants. That always seems to be an impressive feat to the judges on PR. To me, her fabric was fine but it lacked imagination in relation to being inspired by her cultural roots. I believe she said red, white, and blue because she's American and black because she's black. I felt like she could have done more with it.

6. Christopher

This was certainly not my favorite Christopher look. He really got thrown off by the surprise family visit which we've seen a lot of designers do in the past. I liked his cute story about the lady bug inspiration but it made me sad that he just covered the fabric up with black gauze.

 7. Fabio

 I'm not feeling this outfit, its styling, or the print (which he also covered in black gauze fabric - what's the point?). I could easily have tied this with Ven but Ven's fabric was a little more boring (see below)

 8. Ven

While Ven was actually made to seem human this episode (he had a sweet reunion with his sister), I'm so over his folding technique. DO SOMETHING ELSE! And his fabric was boring, even if it did have a lot of personal meaning to it that the judges didn't seem to appreciate.

What did everyone think? Were there any designs you loved but fabrics you hated or vice versa?

Side note - Does anyone out there watch Face Off? If you don't and you like Project Runway, you'd love it! Although, I think you need to like sci-fi a little bit. It's about people who do prosthetic work and costume designs for television shows - like transforming people into aliens, monsters, or even just old age make up. It's awesome! I hadn't realized it was back on so I'm frantically catching up on the episodes I've missed.

I thought for a minute about doing a Project: Face or something haha but lately my only posts have been PR related because I haven't had time for crafting. That should be changing soon! I've got a "craft station" laid out on my living room floor. I should have some time this weekend!

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