Thursday, October 11, 2012

My First Word Cloud

I don't like Halloween. I said it. I'm especially dreading this one because it seems like there is a dress up day at work that everyone does. I've just never liked it. I don't like creepy, spooky things. But I've been warming up to Halloween now that I'm making my own decorations. I've found you can make some cute stuff! If I like anything, it's more of an All Hallows Eve aspect with witches and magic (you know, like Charmed - what a great TV show). I like stuff like that. Zombies, ghosts, snakes, blood, monsters. No. Just no.

I've been loving word clouds (did you know they were called that?) and have been wanting to make my own for ages. My problem was that I didn't want to have to buy a frame to put one in. We've got a pile of old frames sitting in an old chest so I pulled one out and got permission to paint it. I felt kind of bad because it looked like it was pretty.

I'm sure I could have restained it to make it look nice but that would mean buying stain and all that jazz. Instead, I just covered it up with black paint. Because black is Halloweeny. Sorry pretty gold border.

I painted the frame black and then traced the pretty border with Mod Podge and sprinkled purple glitter on top (because purple and black go with my other Halloween decoration I'll be sharing next week). I then coated the top in Mod Podge because the glitter kept falling off.

Here is the pretty word cloud I made in the shape of a witch's hat. I used works like witch, cauldron, bubble, magic, spell, etc.

I've never shared a printable before. I have updated the image file so it's no longer transparent. I don't know how people usually do printables. I just copied my image into a Microsoft Word document since it has a white background, centered it, and printed it off. Otherwise, you can make your own at this awesome website called Tagxedo using whatever words, colors, and shapes you want. Now if I could just figure out how to customize the colors...

I don't have some huge pile of amazing paper but I've got some nice linen paper I bought for resumes so I printed it on that. Doesn't it look awesome?! I love it!

I've just started with little Halloween touches in my fall decorations. I'll be putting more up next week after my birthday on the 15th.

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  1. I love Tagxedo! It's such a fun website! And your frame looks great with the purple edge. Thanks for sharing at the Pomp Party!

  2. I still need to try out Tagxedo! It's such a cool site :o) Your frame looks FAB!!

    Thanks for partying with us @ Keep Calm & Link Up this week!
    xo, Meredith

  3. Very cool! I'm going to go make one now! :)


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