Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project Post: Season 10 Finale



Wow, can you believe Project Runway Season 10 is over already?

I was seriously biting my nails through the entire finale. The Project Runway judges have had a history these last few seasons of choosing people I really don't think deserve to win. For example:

Season 9: Anya winning (I don't remember having anyone in particular that I wanted to win but I didn't care for her work)

Season 7: I was rooting for Emilio Sosa who lost to Seth Aaron Henderson

Let's not forget the biggest PR judging bomb EVER - Gretchen being chosen over Mondo in Season 8!

A designer I was passionate about hadn't won since Christian Siriano in season 4. So imagine how fretful I was when it was down to Fabio and Dmitry. I was DYING in the suspense! I thought for sure that the judges would pick Fabio just to spite me.


Here is why I thought he should win. He just had so many amazing pieces!

I just want to wear all of these! Come design for me, Dmitry! We can pretend I'm famous! Although, your make up and hair choices were a little questionable. Those eyebrows made your models look a little freaky.

Fabio came in second place.

I have to admit, I was a little angry at first (totally over it now). I just don't like Fabio as a designer. But as I was reviewing all the collections on the Lifetime website, I liked his more. His pieces definitely are fresh, new, and interesting. I love the colors. I cannot tell you how happy I was that he used that hair and make up! It looked really good and a million times better than that nasty hair piece he had at his collection preview last week.

Melissa came in third.

She did a decent job. I'm glad she added some color. I really liked the texture in some of her pieces like the crackled leather. But she also had a lot of boring pieces and one that was super impractical. I actually decided to feature it above because even though the model could barely walk in it, the back was pretty cool.

My dear Christopher came in fourth.

Initially I was mad that Christopher was chosen for fourth place but as I looked through his collection online, I realized I didn't love a lot of his looks. In fact, the only one I really did love was his finale piece, that dress above. I liked the IDEA of Christopher's collection - the colors, the x-ray fabric, the distressed leather. But I didn't really like his collection so I guess he did deserve fourth. But I love you Christopher and I know you'll be back soon on Project Runway All Stars and will kill it!!

You can see all the looks in the designers' collections online here.

So yeah, that's the end of season 10! I hope you enjoyed watching as much as I did!

PS - I just wanted to note that, unless anyone asks me to do it, I will not be continuing Project Post for Project Runway All Stars. As much as I enjoy sharing my thoughts on the designers and their creations, I don't get any feedback from readers which I think is important for a blog series like this! I want to hear what you think too! I also think I've been relying on Project Post. When I don't feel like writing something, I just think oh, well I'll have Project Post this week so I can get away with it. I'm never going to be someone who blogs every day. I just don't have the time or ideas for it. Sorry! So, yeah. This was just going to be a sentence. Time for New Girl!


  1. Dianna I have been following your posts on Project Runway! I LOVE that show and I never miss it!I haven't commented much because I'm so busy this year it seems like all I have time for is browsing through other blogs as fast as possible to see them all....and my own blog has been very neglected lately!Just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed reading your thoughts (and I was rooting for Dmitry too!) :) I hope you do this again sometime!

    1. Thanks for reading Wendy! I may end up changing my mind or maybe I'll do it next year for Season 11 of PR. Who knows?!


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