Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Project Post: Week 13



Truth be told, I almost didn't write a Project Post for this week. This in between week on Project Runway used to mean something. Isn't the purpose is saying not everyone is safe for Fashion Week is that...not everyone is safe? Meaning someone should get sent home? What's the point in keeping everyone? Because that's what they did. Dmitry, Christopher, Fabio, and Melissa all had 6 weeks to design their collections. They then had to come back to New York and present their 3 strongest looks to the judges. Those with interesting pieces would get to show their entire collection at Fashion Week. Everyone got to go. Here is the order I found the designers most interesting (you probably won't be surprised):

1. Dmitry

I loved Dmitry's pieces and I'm really excited to see more! I really don't understand what the judges say when they keep mentioning that his clothes are old fashioned. I COMPLETELY disagree! I think they're young and fresh! I do think the middle look had too much going on and I could never wear something see-through but I still love it!

2. Christopher

I loved the pieces we saw when Tim Gunn went to Christopher's house. Too bad none of them fit his models and he only showed his plainer pieces. I liked the distressing technique of the bleach on leather and his idea of the x-ray fabric. I can't wait to see his other pieces on the runway!

3. Melissa

Melissa's looks were pretty boring to me but I still preferred them over Fabio. Those wigs were gross!

4. Fabio

Fabio is just not my style at all! The only thing I liked about him was the color in his fabric. It was very light and refreshing, especially compared to the darkness of the other designers. And I have to admit, some of his jewelry and purses were cool. I'm cross stitching right now and it made me think of my piece...which I really need to finish!

Who do you want for the win? As much as I love Christopher, my heart is rooting for Dmitry!

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