Tuesday, October 23, 2012

School Spirit Wreath: YCP

October is a busy birthday month around here. This year, two of my close friends moved as well. My friend, C, and I have known each other since middle school. She had a joint birthday/housewarming party and I knew the perfect gift I wanted to make her! C's Alma Mater is York College of Pennsylvania and their colors are green and silver. I decided I had to make her a bauble wreath just like the one I made last year for another friend.

This wreath consisted of:
-silver glitter pinecones
-green glitter pom poms

-silver Styrofoam vase fillers

-green Styrofoam balls from a Halloween decoration I found on clearance

I started off by wrapping the wreath in green yarn. I've don't usually wrap my bauble wreaths but I wanted to make sure it had a nice green base.

Then, as always, you glue until it looks good! I swear, every time I make one of these, I panic and think it's going to be ugly. But then I keep going and it turns out mildly fabulous.

This is hanging on my wall on a nail but I gave her a silver ribbon in case she wants to hang it up.

Go Spartans!

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