Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I just wanted to stop in and wish my American readers a happy Thanksgiving! Tomorrow we will have about twenty people over to celebrate with food, fun, family, friends, and football (the fives Fs although I'd be content to strike the last one and replace it with something a bit more exciting like...uh...what are some other F words? France? Fro-Yo? Okay, I guess we'll stick with football for now).

At work, we celebrated by having a hand turkey contest. Yes, we are all grown adults. But who can say no to a little friendly competition involving crafting?! The rules are you have to draw a turkey with your hand and then you can do whatever you want to it. Sadly, I didn't win any prizes. The winning turkeys were amazing and there was no comparison. But here is mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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