Thursday, December 27, 2012

Santa, You're So Good

Wow, I can't believe how lucky I am! Apparently my letter to Santa worked because I got almost everything I asked for! I am so blessed, not because of the material things (although they're pretty amazing!) but because of my wonderful parents.

The best thing I received, which I know will resonate the most with you crafters, is my Silhouette Cameo!!!! I just can't believe it! I never expected to unwrap it Christmas morning but I began to wonder when I came downstairs and saw a giant package with my name on it. It's there, hidden behind the giant trash bag (sometimes you just need to wrap a present in a trash bag, especially when that present is a new set of pillows).

I was SO ecstatic! But I did have a little problem...I had no where to put it. I have a small desk in my room but there wouldn't be space for the Cameo and my laptop. So I got to work negotiating with my parents on a space. We have a room downstairs that we use as our computer room/office. It's just filled with folders and filing cabinets and piles of embarrassing papers. I made a compromise with my mom. I'd clean one section of the room of her old papers and catalogs (she does sales and has piles and piles of item catalogs and order pads) and I would get the desk for my crafts and she could have the filing cabinets flanking it. Well, this is what I had to start with.

I took this picture a few months ago. The papers had even gotten worse since then. I spent all morning and afternoon sorting through the papers, getting approval to recycle them, and cleaning it all up. Note: this is just one side of the room. I refuse to show you the rest! OMG SO EMBARRASSING!

I sorted and cleaned and dusted and this is what I ended up with. The perfect spot for my Cameo! Now, I just need to refinish that desk...

There's still papers everywhere in this room but oh, well. Here's a closer look. Do you like my mason jars filled with corks and bells?

I used all the drawers to sort my craft supplies. They're still not as organized as I'd like but it makes a HUGE difference from before when they were crammed in a closet. Besides, the drawers themselves look so much better. The dresser was a junk dresser - like a junk drawer but every drawer in the dresser was filled with junk.

I have a drawer for my Silhouette things, glitter and paint, scrapbooking supplies, crayons, colored pencils, and paint brushes, various glues, scissors, and a catch-all of leftover crafting supplies.

Now I can just take my laptop downstairs when I want to play. Here's what I made first. I hear you have to make a custom control panel cover (it's one of the 50 free shapes that comes with the Cameo). I used some glittery floral scrapbook paper for it. It was the perfect project to learn just what the Cameo is all about.

My only problem now is that I don't have any vinyl! Any recommendations on types or any recommendations for the Silhouette period? I'm flying blind here! I feel a little out of my league but I'm still so excited to play!

I hope everyone else got what they wanted for Christmas this year! The next step for me is to buy a nice camera! Any recommendations? Do you use a DSLR or do you have a nice point and shoot? HELP! Thanks :)

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