Monday, December 17, 2012

The Creative Headquarters Ornament Exchange

Besides participating in the One Artsy Mama Ornament exchange, I also participated in the ornament exchange hosted by The Creative Headquarters. This is run by Create.Craft.Love, Becoming Martha, Wait Til Your Father Gets Home, and Chase the Star.

You can see the link up here!

This exchange was different from my first one because it was run by Elfster which meant I gave someone a gift and someone different got me (more on that later). The person I received was named Erin. I decided I was on a roll with the snowflake ornaments so I sent her some as well.

You can find the tutorial for them here.

I sent her a few because I didn't know what kind of colors she would like. I tried to make sure they all looked a little different.

I also realized another good use for these, besides being ornaments, is you can hang them on your windows to catch the light! It hasn't snowed here yet (it's barely gotten below freezing) but I can look out the window, see my snowflakes (I've been making a bunch for myself and others), and smile.

I hope she likes them!

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