Monday, January 21, 2013

My Painted Vase

I tried to do a different take on the painted vase. I'm not really sure it worked. I started off with this plain, clear vase I got for my birthday (my mom sent me flowers!).

I wanted to use the Martha Stewart glitter paint I'd bought last spring, which had been a big disappointment to me because it dried clear. I decided to use that to my advantage this time. I added paint into the vase a little at a time and swirled it around until the entire thing was coated (this took a while).

I then let it dry for about a week. It dried clear. Most of the glitter, however, seemed to up and vanish. I'm still not sure where it went.


Here's a close up of the rim.

The next weekend, I used a blue Martha Stewart paint (the same color as my Moose On frame - see I'm tying it together!) which may or may not have been called something fun like Splash. Now, Martha Stewart paint is thick. For the life of me, I could not get the satin paint to coat the vase like the glitter did (which has a consistency closer to water). I would put a glop on and it would slide a little and then just sit there despite my shaking it. I had to use a lot of paint! I ended up using pretty much the entire container. Thinking back now, I should have just watered it down a little. Oh, well. I used a paint brush to spread it out. When you hold the vase up to the light, you can see the streaks but it looks fine sitting on a table. Good thing my house doesn't get good natural light! :)

I let this sit for a week too before I added it to my winter decorations. The paint label says to let it cure for 21 days. Does anyone know what cure means? Sit? Well it's going to sit for 21 days with something in it...

Curious to see what's inside the vase now? Well, you'll just have to come back on Wednesday! See you then!

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  1. When I've done this, I've found cheaper paint works better because it's thinner.

  2. Great color! Thanks for the tips on the paint ;)

    Dropping by from Manic Monday, have a great week!

  3. Haha, that is funny. I would say that...."It's going to sit with something in it." That is a beautiful blue color and Martha Stewart is one of my top inspiration go to's. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautiful vase even after all the trouble it caused. Curing paint means letting it dry for days before adding anything to it. Whoops, too late!

    1. haha I figured! Oh, well! I'm too impatient to wait that long! I waited a week before I put anything in it. I don't plan on putting anything in it besides those sticks for now and they see all right because it was definitely try to the touch


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