Friday, February 15, 2013

60th Birthday Card

2013 is a big numbers year in my family. The first one up is my dad's 60th birthday which is on Monday (then my parent's 30th wedding anniversary in May and then my mom's 60th birthday in September). I'm currently on an anti-buying card spree. For my dad's birthday card, I used the freebie file that comes with the Silhouette Cameo - 'birthday card'.

I cut out the design on white card stock and glued it to red glitter scrapbook paper that I cut to size. Sadly, the 'happy birthday' letters got messed up when I tried to remove them so instead, I filled the bubble with some leftover hearts from my Valentine's Day cards and wrote 60 in gold glitter glue. Then I used red and gold puff paint to write *DADDY* because, yes, I still call my father 'Daddy'. Plus it fit so don't judge.

Here's how it came out.

I really like using the (FREE!) files on the Silhouette Cameo because even though a lot of other people have access to them, you can still make them personal.


  1. I can't believe your parents are going to be 60! Cute card. :)

  2. Holy cow! I can't believe it either! Tell Barb she's lookin good!


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