Friday, March 1, 2013

Cross Stitch: February

I've been faithful with my cross stitch and have been working on it every weekend all through February. I'm still making good progress and I've been pushing myself to do a string or two some nights during the week. Here is where we left off at the end of January:

I worked mostly on the background to the left through the 5th.

But you can see an obvious addition on the tenth.

Which was further developed by the 18th. It's really starting to look like a dress!

I made some progress on the bottom half by the 24th.

So there you have it! The cross stitch progressions between January and February!

I hope I keep it up through March!


  1. Isn't it hard to get motivated with cross stitch - it takes so long just to do a few stitches! I'm working on one as a gift that needs to be finished next month so I am trying to finish one square a day. Yours is looking great and I hope you make lots of progress this month!

    1. It is! I feel like I've done so much in one day and then I take a step back and realize there is so much to do! It can be a little disconcerting. I hope you finish yours!


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