Friday, March 8, 2013

Glitter Key Chains

Don't you just love free things? Last week, my dad got an awesome mini flashlight for free in the mail. My dad owns his own business so we get free marketing products occasionally. What those silly people don't know is it's only my dad in his business so we're not going to buy 5,000 mini flashlights. Sorry, silly people.

The awesome mini flashlight came with a price, however. It was kindly engraved with his business name and business address. Which is our home address. Problem. I really liked the awesome mini flashlight but I didn't want it on my keyring like that. So what was a girl to do? Well, add glitter, of course.


This is what I started off with. While I was at it, I decided to glitter my key chain holder because I've had it for about ten years and it was looking pretty rough.


All I did was coat the key chains in Mod Podge (I used outdoor), and then sprinkled glitter all over them. I let it dry over night and then sealed the glitter with Mod Podge again so it wouldn't fall off.

Here is a close up of the clip:

 Here is my new awesome mini flashlight:

Now I have sparkles wherever I go!

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  1. LOL, you're my kind of gal! Glitter it up! So cute. Love how they turned out.


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