Friday, March 15, 2013

Pinterest Friday: Cat Hideaways

There is no doubt that I love cats. I have my own kitty, Zeus. I'm kind of obsessed with him. It may or may not be a bit of a problem.

I can't, however, take him with me when I move into my future apartment. It makes me so sad! But like I'm obsessed with Zeus, he is obsessed with tromping around outside. It would drive him insane to be inside all day. I will never have an outdoor cat again.

I will, eventually, get my own kitten. The problem with my tiny apartment will be - where do I put the litter box? It's not something you want people to see (or smell). I saw this super clever contraption on Pinterest. This one is a little modern for my taste, but you get the idea.


It got me searching. I like these styles better on Amazon. This one looks like an actual side table.

 This one is nice and small. I think it's hilarious that they call it a cat washroom.

 I like the color of this one.

I like that this one doubles as a bench. Your guests wouldn't have a clue what they were sitting on!


They're expensive, though (going about $115 and up). I wonder if I could make one...I could find some old bench, dresser, or side table at a thrift store and cut a hole in the side. Absolutely do-able!

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