Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sequin Easter Egg Part 2

After looking at my one, lonely, sequin Easter egg, I decided to make another. Here they are together, the perfect pair!

For this, you will need:
-Styrofoam Easter Egg
-white tissue paper (I used streamers) cut into strips
-sequins (mine are purple)
-Mod Podge

Like the last one, this is very simple. Just cover your Styrofoam egg in Mod Podge (I used gloss because it was the kind I have the most of), apply the strips of white paper, and coat that in Mod Podge. Let it dry over night.

I didn't have many white pins because of my previous pinned sequin Easter egg and my spring flower tree. I decided to alternate black and this. I started off with a white pin in the top center and went down the sides in four lines, alternating between black and white pins (just slip your pin through the hole in the sequin and stick it in the egg). I made two opposite lines a couple pins shorter and two longer. Here is the new egg by itself:

Not including waiting for the Mod Podge to dry overnight, I'd say this took me about 15 minutes, if that!

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