Friday, April 5, 2013

Cross Stitch: March

I totally jinxed myself. Here I was, bragging on and on about how great I was doing in both January and February. I knew it was going to bite me in the behind. I was a mess in March. My poor cross stitch got so neglected. In the beginning of the month I got sick and then when I got better, I used my free time to craft other things. Now...well, I've got a big announcement to make soon. I hope you'll come back on Monday to hear! It's going to have a bit of an impact on my blogging.

Here's a refresher to what everything looked like at the end of February.

I only have one progress picture for March (from the 11th) because I only worked on it one weekend out of the whole month. A huge part of me was discouraged because I realized I had been using the wrong color so I had to take it all out in one section. I started redoing it. Can you spot the difference?

I suppose I actually did quite a bit that one weekend. Well, like I said, that's all I have for March. You can watch my progress here...


  1. What? What? What's the announcement? I can't wait to find out what it is!

  2. Hey! I love cross stitch too! I can't wait to see what this turns into! Love the month by month.


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