Monday, April 15, 2013

Deck Makeover

While I'm busy packing and furniture refinishing, I thought I'd share with you something I've been holding onto. I've been meaning to share this with you for a while...I was just hoping it would get 100% finished. However, there seems to be an affliction in my house. It's called the 97%. What is the 97% you may ask? Well, it's when you start a project and only complete 97% of it. For example, we redid our kitchen a few years's 97% done still. Our bathroom makeover - remained at 97% for about a year until my mom told my dad he couldn't have Thanksgiving dinner until he put up the light fixture for when our family came over. I've decided to just go ahead and show you our deck makeover because it will stay at 97% indefinitely.

Here is the before picture. This is from 2010 right after we added a little semi circle patio so it looks all nice and new.

We (my dad) changed the deck from wood to composite (recycled plastic) decking (we used Veranda). Why did we change, you may be wondering? That looks nice. Yes, it was nice. Until I walked outside, sat at the table, and got a puncture wound from a gigantic splinter (no exaggeration - it might as well have been a stick). I like to think my injury caused my dad to change it... although I'm sure he had other reasons. But seriously, a week later, he announced he was doing it and bought the materials.

Here are some in progress shots.

 Here is what it looks like now. Can you tell where the 97% is?

It's the railing in the back. It was supposed to be covered but it's still wood. I suppose it'll stay that way forever.

Okay, from this angle it looks like 95%.

I love our deck! We've had it for over a year now (see how long I've been waiting?). It's so great - no splinters! I can't wait to hang out at my parents' for some summer BBQs.

BTW - If anyone knows of a cure for the 97%, please let me know.

June 2013 Update:

My dad has apparently found a cure for the 97%! Well, in this case at least. I came home to find this.

Isn't it amazing?!

The deck is now complete!

It really brings it all together.

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  1. Oooo how nice to have a deck outside. I'd love that. Really nice!

  2. Wow, I think it looks amazing! Even if it is only 97% done! I suffer from the same thing! LOL My kids' bathroom is ALMOST done! I just need to finish painting the cabinet, but it probably won't happen! hehe I wish I knew the cure too! :)

  3. It is looking great! We also have started working on our backyard patio. I also have the case of 97%!! LOL If you get a chance, please link this to my linky party:

  4. I think the deck looks amazing. To the untrained eye, I would have thought it was 100% finished!

    Thank you for linking up to the In and Out of the Kitchen party! I look forward to seeing what you bring next week!

    Cynthia at

  5. I love your deck makeover! I hope to do ours this next year...maybe. You may finish yours before I get started on mine!

  6. It looks great. I love the makeover...and you're not the only one suffering from the 97% syndrome. It seems to be my forte as well. :)

  7. Even though it's at 97%, I say that your deck still looks pretty. And since the summer heat is already here, I bet you would be spending more time outside now, so completing the reno isn't a bad idea. I don't know if this idea will work for you, but you can give your deck a new spin to finally cure the 97%. Angelina Garcia

  8. That is one awesome deck! Great job! Thanks for linking up to our Summer Spruce Up party!!
    Restoration Beauty

  9. So exciting to have a lovely deck to spend time on outdoors!

  10. Here I am back again. If you figure out how to not lose a comment when the wi-fi cuts out, I'd sure like to hear it.

    Meantime, I'll try to remember what i wrote and lost:

    I hate to rain on your parade, but I had a deck built a couple of years ago. I thought it was all done and i could sit out in the fresh air with a cold drink and a book. Not so. My deck was about 80% done, based on the pain all over my body from sitting on the ground to work and the effort in making hardware cloth do what i wanted it to do, and the pain in the you-know-what from using a stapler so close to the ground.

    Why, you might ask. Because someone pointed out to me that cats, dogs, skunks, groundhogs, foxes, etc, like to den up and sometimes they are pregnant. Under the deck is the perfect place to hide out for the delivery.( Chipmunks can get in through almost any crack they spot--but they aren't big enough to worry about).

    Like me, you have space beside the steps and on the righthand side. I dont' know about the side with the fence, but I'm guessing they can't get in through the side by the door.

    So maybe you are 87% finished? It takes wire hardware cloth, wire cutters, heavy duty stapler and strips of wood to go along the top of the wire. Oh, yes, one more thing. You'll need a shovel so you can cut the earth down at least four inches to get the hardware cloth buried, plus you need to turn the bottom of the wire outwards about 5 inches, in case any animal tries to tunnel under the edge of the hardware cloth. Not a fun job, but if you are in any danger of being an aunt to a passel of critters, something to consider.
    I adore you for the info on installing domain name blog. If I ever have time and inclination to be a blogger, I'll be glad I pinned it. So I hope you don't hate me for bringing up the other thing you might want to do.
    Heck, I wrote it better the first time. Let's hope this is the last time.

    1. Oh, yes. Our deck was already a wonderful, cozy den for some groundhogs! I will pass your advice along to my dad! We have a shed and during construction, the groundhog moved under there :(. That does drop down our completion rate then. Oh no! He's actually been working on the portion that I thought would never be done. I'll have to do a follow up on it soon.

      Thanks for reading Marje!


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