Monday, April 8, 2013

Moving On Up...

Are you ready for my big announcement? It's more personal than blog related but it will definitely be affecting Craft A Spell. Here it is...


To a new website, you ask? Nope (although maybe one day I'll create my own website for the blog)! I'm literally moving! I'm moving out and up in the world. The promotion I got a few weeks ago has allowed me to get my own apartment! It literally just fell into my lap recently. I wasn't expecting to try and move until the end of the summer so I could save a little bit more money but I couldn't give up this apartment. It's only 15 minutes from my work (right now my drive is about an hour and fifteen minutes) and it's right in a downtown area so I can walk wherever I want. I'm moving into a one bedroom, 778 square foot apartment. It even has a craft nook. Here's my floor plan:

This will definitely be affecting Craft A Spell...but not in a bad way, I hope. My budget is going to be tight but I'm certainly not going to be giving up on crafting! I'm going to be moving towards more of a thrifty crafting budget and making an effort to share what I spent on things. I want to make my little space look amazing.

I may be quiet for a little while because my move is such short notice. I've got two weeks to pack everything. Currently I'm trying my hand at furniture refinishing! If they go successfully, you'll be seeing some of that (make sure to follow me on Twitter or like me on Facebook to get in progress updates). We've got a lot of old furniture in my house that needs some TLC. Right now I'm working on a pair of nightstands and side tables. I might also try to tackle a dresser. I've still got to find something for my TV to sit on as well as a dining table and if I find one, I'll refinish some of my chairs for the set I already have in the basement (the table is too big). As you can see, so much to do and nowhere near enough time before my move in date! Here's a before picture of the nightstands. I've decided to use my leftover bedroom wall paint in blue.

Moving out of my parents' house will definitely be bittersweet. But I'm ready! I'm so excited (okay, 70% excited, 30% so nervous I want to throw up). I just wish I could bring this little kitty with me but, unfortunately, he wouldn't be happy in a tiny apartment.

I hope you're all as excited as I am! You'll be here to help me decorate, right?? I'll be asking for advice on Twitter and Facebook!


  1. Congrats on your new place! Where on the floor plan is your craft nook?! I'm so excited for you - a new place AND a craft nook.

    1. I'm going to make the place where the desk is (in between the bathroom and bedroom) my craft nook!


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