Friday, May 10, 2013

Pinterest Friday: Life Organization - Framed Boards

I am all about having your life organized. I love writing things down. Around my sitting areas (both at work and at home), you will find multiple scraps of paper with things to do or things to buy. I also always have at least one calendar. I have a home calendar and a work calendar. I love the paper ones so I can cross off the days. It might be a bit of a problem. My lists and to-dos can get out of hand. I need something in my apartment that can help me keep everything organized. I want to take that step up from just a plain white board on the fridge. Here are some ideas I've found on Pinterest.

I love this idea of buying inexpensive frames and painting the glass with chalkboard paint. I remember seeing on a blog the same kind of idea but with a whiteboard but silly me, I didn't pin it (what's wrong with me??) and now my punishment is that I can't stop thinking about it and can't find it through Google search. SHAME ON ME.

Actually it kind of looked like this. Except the frame was hot pink and AWESOME. I like the idea of a whiteboard better than chalkboard because it seems easier to clean.

This one isn't as ornate but it's still very pretty and simple.


Instead of going all fancy and getting a white board, this pin suggests that you can just put white paper behind some glass instead. I wonder if that would actually work/be cheaper.

I don't know if I'm busy enough to have an intensely awesome command center like this but it's pretty cool.

Do you like chalkboard or whiteboards better? Or are you a cork board rebel?

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