Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pinvestigation: Lemon Poke Cake

NOTE: This recipe is for lemon lovers only!

I found this recipe on Pinterest, which linked back to this recipe on Something Swanky. I won't put the recipe on my blog so you can get it from her, but you MUST try it! It's called Better Than Lemons Poke Cake. I knew I had to do a Pinvestigation on it (that's when I see whether the picture is all talk, no taste).

Here is what the original pin looked like:

Here is how mine came out:

This cake was really yummy! It was super lemony. But best of all, it was easy! I'd never made lemon curd before but her microwavable recipe was easy to follow and make. Here's a little play by play of my journey through the recipe. The pictures on the top right are the lemon curd before and after microwaving. I expected it to look different after microwaving but it didn't - it was just a little thicker (I did mine for 8 minutes).

The bottom left two pictures are the pokes pre- and after lemon curd filling. I definitely think the pecans and white chocolate chips are necessary to this recipe. They add the perfect texture and crunch to the cake.

Overall, this pinvestigation was a success!

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